Installation, Start Up, and Training

Once your fabrication is finished, QFS offers complete installation, startup and training services. Our experienced technicians walk your team through the layout of equipment, assemble all necessary parts, perform standard safety checks, and advise on any safety procedures.


  • trained technicians
  • layout of equipment
  • assembly of equipment
  • wiring from the provided main panel to all sub panels
  • installation of exhaust stacks
  • final cleaning of installed equipment prior to the start up

Start Up

  • Inspection of belts, fan direction, safety checks, leak checks within the equipment
  • control panel
  • 4-hour burn off on all ovens to remove residual oils from materials
  • ductwork balancing to remove hot or cold spots within the ovens


  • 1 day of onsite training for up to 4 people
  • explain safety procedures
  • explain sequence of operations
  • explain recommended PM’s and PM schedule
  • system/equipment run off
  • Q&A