Oven Panels and Components

Industrial Oven Panels and Components

To complement ovens or enclosures, Quality Finishing Systems offers easy- to-install oven panels, trim packages and accessories. All of our standard oven panels include 20 gauge aluminized interior and exterior skin and 20 gauge galvanized slotted rails and headers. Panels are a standard width of 27-7/8″ and thickness of up to 6.” Each panel is also fully insulated with 4# density mineral wool batt insulation and connects via male/female tongue and groove joints.

Premier Custom Oven Panels for Optimal Performance

We design and develop high-performance tongue-and-groove insulated oven panels to improve your industrial oven’s performance. The oven panels can be bolted together from the outside, and the panel’s joinery stands flush against each other, providing an airtight seal.

High-quality custom oven panels are designed with quality in mind. Our well-designed oven panels consider thermal expansion by incorporating grooves longer than the corresponding tongues to reduce oven warping over time.

Benefits of our high-performance insulated oven panels:

  • Reduce heat expelled to the environment
  • Energy savings due to excellent thermal insulation
  • Moisture and mold-resistant
  • Enhanced temperature control within the oven
  • It can be used in any insulated enclosure

Custom Trim Packages and Accessories for the Right Fit

Our top-grade custom oven components include several high-quality accessories and trim packages explicitly designed to complement your industrial ovens. These components can improve the efficiency of your industrial oven while also providing an aesthetically pleasing look.

With the right custom oven components, the setup time of your industrial oven can be significantly reduced. Our team of experts will work with you to determine the best trim packages that will meet your specifications and requirements.

Benefits of our custom oven components include:

  • Available in standard and custom sizes to fit any oven
  • Top-grade materials for durability and longevity
  • Enhanced functionality and performance

Insulated Oven Panels

Quality Finishing Systems manufactures tongue-and-groove insulated oven panels, which provide superior strength and ease of installation when compared to spot-welded panels. Panels are available in various sizes, up to 20 feet long, and constructed from 20 gauge Aluminized steel, and contain 4# density mineral wool insulation. Custom designed panels are also available.

Trim Packages & Accessories

We offer a complete selection of 14 and 16 gauge aluminized steel trim sections including floor channels, top cap channels, and interior/exterior corner angles. Complete your oven or enclosure with our insulated access doors and man doors, along with hinges, handles, or explosion relief latches. Standard and custom sizes are also available upon request.

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