Gas Fired Batch Ovens

Gas Fired Batch Ovens For Sale

Quality Finishing Systems is pleased to announce the shipment of two gas fired 121020 batch ovens to the HVAC industry. The first oven was designed with the one set of standard loading doors. On the second oven, our customer opted to go with two sets of loading doors, giving the oven “pass thru” capability”.

The batch ovens have a maximum operating temperature of 500 degrees. The ovens internal working dimensions are 12’0” wide x 20’0” long x 10’0” tall, each utilizing a single top mounted burner box design.

Due to their size and shipping constraints, these two ovens were the “Install It Yourself” design that allows the end user to use his staff or a local contractor to do the installation. Complete drawings and a step-by-step manual are provided to assist in the installation.

Standard features on these batch ovens include:

  • MIDCO Line Burners
  • MIDCO Gas Manifolds with FM approved components
  • 6 inch tongue and groove insulated oven panels with 4# density mineral wool
  • 12’ x 10’ Loading Doors
  • Load Door Switches (drops burners to low fire when the doors are open)
  • Aluminized Steel Ductwork
  • Premium Efficiency Fan Motors
  • Twin City Air Kit Recirculation Fans
  • New York Blower PLR Exhaust Fans
  • UL Listed Control Panels, 480V
  • Honeywell Flame Safeties
  • Watlow Temperature and High Limit Controllers
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