Continuous Ovens

When you buy an oven from Quality Finishing Systems – it will be a complete oven. Designed to be incorporated into your floor plan, part path, conveyor layout and mate up to your part configuration. Your oven will feature:

  • A fully assembled burner box, pre-piped and pre-wired
  • Powered direct fired gas burner, gas fired line burner or electric heating elements
  • Forward curved air kit or plug fan
  • Drive kit
  • Gas manifold with FM approved components
  • Electrical control panel, UL listed
  • Flame safety
  • Exhaust fan
  • High efficiency TEFC motors
  • Insulated oven panels for the walls and roof, 20 ga. aluminized skins with 4# density mineral wool insulation
  • Aluminized steel ductwork
  • Typical ovens, due to their overall size, are shipped “knocked down” for installation by our installers or yours

Several options are offered for the ovens:

  • Insulated floor
  • Sheet metal floor
  • Entrance and exit vestibules, insulated
  • Exhaust stack kit
  • Gravity heat relief hoods and stack kits
  • Integral air curtains
  • Quick purge exhaust fan
  • Access doors
  • Safety railings for the roof perimeter, with a ladder and safety gate
  • Installation, startup, and training