Batch Ovens

A Quality Finishing Systems Batch Oven is the solution for a small job shop environment or a large production facility. Our batch oven is ideal for the small paint finishing shop whose specialty is small production runs or unique shapes and sizes. Or perhaps you have a conveyorize system but on occasion need to run custom parts that are too long, wide, or high to fit thru your systems part window. Whether your requirement is paint curing, moisture dry-off, or preheating parts prior to coating, QFS offers an oven to meet your needs.

Another feature of a Quality Finishing Batch Oven is that they are designed to be shipped in kit form and installed by the end user. The purpose is two-fold: 1) by designing an oven that can be shipped in component form, we are able to provide our customers with wider, taller, or longer batch ovens than are typically available; 2) because of our user-friendly design, these batch oven kits can be installed either by the customer’s in-house staff or a local contractor. The pre-wired and pre-piped burner box, the tongue and grooved insulated oven panel shell, the pre-assembled loading doors and jamb, the ductwork with flanged fittings, and a set of illustrated installation instructions make this “Install-It-Yourself” batch oven design very popular.

Quality Finishing Systems Batch Ovens have the following features:

  • A fully assembled burner box, piped and wired, and factory tested
  • Midco gas fired line burner
  • Twin City Forward curved air kit
  • Drive kit (sheave, bushings, V-belts, fan shaft, and belt guard)
  • Gas manifold w/ FM approved components, assembled on the burner box
  • Electrical control panel, NEMA 12, UL listed, 480V/3/60 featuring Allen Bradley components
  • Watlow temperature controller with high limit
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Honeywell Flame Safety with purge timer
  • New York Blower exhaust fan
  • High efficiency TEFC motors
  • 6” insulated oven panels for the walls and roof, 20 ga. aluminized skins with 4# density mineral wool insulation
  • Aluminized steel trim package
  • All necessary hardware
  • Loading doors with heavy duty hinges and explosion relief latches
  • Aluminized steel ductwork, ceiling mounted
  • Typical ovens, due to their size, are shipped “knocked down” for installation by our installers or yours
  • Service manual
  • Installation manual, complete with a drawing package and illustrated installation instructions

Options offered:

  • Custom height, widths, and lengths
  • Ended mounted burner box
  • Side mounted burner box
  • 240V, 208V control panel
  • Factory assembly and wiring of the oven (if size allows)
  • A second set of loading doors
  • Side impingement ductwork
  • Exhaust stack kit
  • ¼” HRS Plate floor
  • Insulated floors with or without cart tracks
  • Allen Bradly PLC control
  • Maxon powered burner
  • Door activated low fire switch
  • Chart recorder
  • Watlow electric duct heater
  • Key slots above the loading doors to accommodate conveyor rails
  • Installation, startup, and training


Quality Finishing Standard Batch Oven Size Chart