Featured Project - Custom Washer

Custom Washer System

Quality Finishing Systems is pleased to announce the shipment of a new washer to a manufacturer in the finishing industry. The washer will be used in a powder coating system.

The 3-stage washer has a heated stage one, using a phosphate cleaner, stage 2 is a rinse zone and stage 3 puts adds a sealer on the parts. The washer dimensions are 9’1” wide x 50’0” long x 12’2” tall.

Quality Finishing provided the installation of the washer. The washer was fully tested, and training was provided to our customer.

Features of our Washer include:

  • Maxon Tube-O-Therm Burner
  • Gusher 7550 Series Pumps
  • Cincinnati WAF Fans
  • Siemens Gas Manifold
  • 316/ 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Tunnel Access Doors
  • 18” wide Fiberglass Grating
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